Chimney System Installation

Some Like It Hot installs insulated stainless steel, high-temperature chimney systems for both fireplaces and woodstoves. Stainless steel is the material of choice for its resistance to high temperatures, corrosion, less creosote and lends outstanding durability for your venting needs.

Some points on insulated stainless steel, high-temperature chimney systems:

  • All the chimney products SLIH use within our installations are tested to ULC Standards (approved for use in Canada).
  • We use prefabricated units to speed up construction and to facilitate consistent quality standards.
  • High-temperature insulated stainless steel chimney systems are better than a Standard Masonry as it is round (not square or rectangle), this allows smoke to draw in a circular motion providing proper venting for your woodstove or fireplace.
  • The PRE-HEATING of a Stainless chimney is a lot quicker as it doesn’t have to heat up a couple of tons of masonry, allowing a quicker draft and less creosote.

Remember that a well built chimney system keeps you and your family safe from smoke, carbon and flames produced by your fireplace or woodstove.

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