Regency “PRO SERIES” Hybrid Catalytic CI2600

This Large Hybrid Catalytic Wood Insert is one of the largest, most efficient wood burning insert available in North America. Standard features include: ECO-BOOST TECHNOLOGY The hybrid catalytic systems allows the fuel to burn at a slower rate, delivering 14 or more hours of heat with a single load of wood. Fuel is utilized to its full potential with only 1.8 g/hr. of emissions and a 79.7 efficiency. BURN OVERNIGHT WITHOUT RELOADING The large firebox measuring 2.6 Cubic Feet means you can load up overnight, without worrying about waking up to a cold house. Providing 14 hours or more of consistent, reliable heat – the large firebox has room for up to a 22″ log. EASY SINGLE-LEVER OPERATION A simple single-lever air control conveniently located at the front of the stove can be adjusted to meet home heat requirements, from a hot burn to a smoldering glow that keeps the chill away. LARGE VIEW CAST IRON DOOR The heavy duty cast iron door offers a 250 square inch viewing area, delivering an excellent view of the stunning fire. The door opens to 110 degrees making wood loading easier.


– Eco-Boost combustion technology – Heats up to 2,600 sq. ft. – 22″ Log Size – 1.8 grams/hour emissions – 79.7% efficiency – 250 Sq. Inch viewing area – 20″ X 10″ loading opening – 14+ hours burn time – 6″ vent