VERMONT_CASTINGS_ENCORE_WOOD_STOVEThe VERMONT CASTINGS “ENCORE”  Wood Stove is available either as a CATALYTIC or NON-CATALYTIC heater. The CATALYTIC Wood Stove will take up to a 20″ log, has a Burn Time of up to 10 hours, has a Heating Capacity of up to 1,900 Sq. Ft., has an EPA Emissions Rating of 1.6 grams / hour and has an Efficiency Rating of 76.7%.

The VERMONT CASTINGS “ENCORE” NON-CATALYTIC Wood Stove is the Cleanest Burning EPA Certified Wood Stove. It will take up to a 20″ log, burn up to 10 hours and heat up to 1,900 Sq. Ft. The Efficiency Rating of 68% and an EPA Emissions Rating of 0.7 grams / hour make it one of the Best Wood Stoves available.
These stoves are availble in “CLASSIC BLACK” or in a variety of Enamel Finishes.
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