Vermont Castings Sequoia Wood Burning Fireplace


As Efficient as a Wood Burning Stove

Up to 14 hours of continuous heat — Enjoy all the home-heating benefits of a wood-burning stove plus the wide-open flame viewing of a fireplace.

Design Options

Style to match your décor — Choose the cast iron face kit or the latticed cast iron grills for stunning style featuring handcrafted details.

Zero Clearance

More flexible installation options — Zero clearance design gives you the flexibility to add a fireplace to any interior wall. All you need is room for proper venting.

Ceramic Glass Window with Air Wash

Clear, wide view — The ceramic glass window provides excellent fire viewing, while the air wash system helps keep the window clear of soot while you’re heating.

Arched Cast Iron Doors 

Fine craftsmanship — Arched doors showcase Vermont Castings signature craftsmanship, while their air-sealed design promotes excellent combustion for maximum heating potential.

EPA Phase II Certified

Eco-friendly performance — With 2.5 g./hr particulate emissions, this eco-friendly catalytic fireplace is certified to meet EPA requirements. It even meets the stricter Washington state emissions standard.




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