Maintenance & Repair

With over 80 years of combined experience, Some Like It Hot! has worked with a large variety of clients from homeowners, property managers to realtors, home inspectors and dealers with the repair and maintenance of Gas Fireplaces, Inserts & Free Standing Stoves, Pool Heaters, Awning Fabric Replacement as well as Gas Utility Rejection Notices. We look forward to adding you to our long list of happy, satisfied customers.

Gas Fireplaces, Inserts & Free Standing Stoves

Gas Fireplaces, Inserts & Free Standing Stove manufacturers and Utility Companies both recommend professional maintenance on an annual basis by qualified technicians.

When choosing a qualified gas fireplace service and repair company such as Some Like It Hot, make sure that they are licensed, bonded and insured. Ask whether the company does tune-ups and what the basic charge covers. Some only do safety checks (to ensure there’s no back-drafting of combustion gases into the house and detect any conditions that could produce carbon monoxide), which is not the same as a complete inspection, tune-up and repair, cleaning and certification.

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Pool Heater Repair

Older pools will have inefficient pool heaters compared to today’s offerings, anytime we encounter a complete breakdown with a pool heater; we perform a full evaluation for proper sizing and function. We then consult with you on recommended options to choose from which will save on long term gas or electrical costs.

Some Like It Hot’s trained and experienced pool heater technicians can diagnose gas pool heaters for faults and performs quality, lasting heater repairs.

Gas Utility Rejection Notices (REG TAG)

If natural gas appliance installations do not pass inspection, it can upset construction schedules, delay closings and increase construction costs. However, rejections, commonly known as “RED-TAGS”, do happen and when an installation is rejected, it is the builder’s or installer’s responsibility to have the appropriate repairs conducted, and to notify the Utility Company when they have been completed.
Some Like It Hot! corrects the rejection and submits the completed rejection notice to the utility on behalf of the homeowner.

Awning Fabric Replacement

Your awning’s fabric is tattered and torn but the frame is still sturdy and in good condition. Rather than spending thousands on a new awning, Some Like It Hot! will replace the old worn fabric. The types of fabric used are Sunbrella, World of Elegance and Lumera.